Knight Engineering started in 1977 by making replica Matchless motorcycle frames and aluminium cylinder barrels with spun cast iron liners.

This was followed by making 'Board Room' models of parts for a well know bathroom accessory manufacturer in various types of plastic.

40 years later, we still do work for this customer

Blood sampling machines followed and then manufacturing parts for Police motorcycles.

A greater variety of work  required the addition of CNC machines for precision machining and precision sheet  metalwork, along with state of the art TIG and MIG welding plant.

Surface finishing ability was continuously added.

Screen printing was added  about 6 years ago.

We also do part assembly should any customer require it.

Some customers supply their laser cut parts for us to bend, weld and finish

Unit 22, Thruxton Industrial Estate,

Thruxton, Andover,Hants SP11 8PW

E-mail:  sales@knightengineering.co.uk   

         Phone    01264  773291